Five Tips to Update a Tired Room

If you’re looking for a room pick me up, there are two things to consider: – what is your decorating style and – what is your color palette??
Your color palette isn’t necessarily the colors you are currently using in the room you want to give an uplift to. If you’re not sure what your decorating style or color palette are, we will cover that in a future blog.
Below are five tips to give your tired room a lift . . .
1-  paint is the number one room changer and the easiest because you decide the color, purchase the color and start applying. The tired room will wake right up with the new application of paint.
You can also apply paint to a tired mirror, a chipped chair, a clear vase and on and on.
2-  fabric can also update a room. You can do that by reupholstering, or adding slip covers. Go for a solid neutral color for your sofa that will be in style for a few years. You can use patters and colors on smaller or accent items. Adding colorful cushions adds lots of life to a room
3-  another update tip for a room update is a high/ low look. It’s all about beautiful maybe pricey pieces sitting side by side with things found at the thrift store, yard sale or a super sale.
4- sometimes the tip to update a tired room is to actually get rid of something. It’s that something that painting, covering or up-cycling just won’t do.
5-  if you’re a collector of things like figurines, mugs, or vacation memorabilia, try displaying just three items and rotating every month or three months instead of displaying the whole collection which bogs down the room.
In A Nutshell . . .
With a budget of $25 to $500 a whole new look can take place which will uplift your room and your spirits as you look at that room every day.