New ADU Buzz

Greetings! Let’s break down some exciting updates coming to California’s housing scene in a way that feels like chatting over coffee with me, your savvy friend, Charlotte.

First up, imagine being able to sell a tiny house in your backyard just like you would a condo. Sounds cool, right? That’s exactly what might happen in 2024, thanks to some big changes that folks like me have been cheering for in Sacramento. We’ve been talking to the big wigs, explaining why those little homes (we call them ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units) are game-changers for neighborhoods just like yours.

Now, let’s dish on some new rules that are making waves:

  1. 1- AB 976No More  “Must Live Here” Rules: Ever heard of ADUs being tied down by rules saying you or someone else has to live in the main house? Well, that’s about to change. A new law is kicking those rules to the curb until January 2025, making it easier for everyone to jump on the ADU bandwagon. And fingers crossed, we’re hoping this change sticks around for good!
  2. 2-AB1332Fast-Track for Your Backyard Dream Home: Picture this: builders and architects have these cookie-cutter plans for ADUs that they love to reuse. Normally, every time they submit these plans, it’s like starting from scratch – but not anymore. If your plan has gotten the green light once, it’s smooth sailing from there. This means less waiting around for approvals and more time enjoying your new space.
  3. 3-AB434Housing Department Gets a To-Do List: There’s this big agency called HCD (think of it as the state’s housing HQ) that’s getting some new duties. They’re the ones making sure cities play nice with ADU rules. It’s a bit like having a referee to make sure everyone follows the housing game rules, ensuring your ADU dream doesn’t get stuck in red tape.
  4. 4-AB1033Selling Your ADU – Condo Style: Here’s the biggie – California’s saying, “Hey, why not sell your ADU like it’s a condo?” This is HUGE because it opens up so many possibilities, like creating mini-communities right in your backyard. And while the idea is still taking shape, the potential is as big as your imagination.

Let’s not forget, navigating these changes is like exploring a new city without a map – thrilling but a tad overwhelming. That’s why it’s super important to have a chat with a lawyer if you’re thinking of diving into the ADU pool. They’re like your personal tour guide through the legal jungle.

And hey, for anyone who’s ever scratched their head over plat mapping or forming a tiny HOA for your ADU, you’re not alone. These are the nitty-gritty details that make your ADU officially yours, with rules on everything from who owns the walls to where to roll out the trash bins.

In A Nutshell . . .

California’s housing scene is getting a makeover, and ADUs are at the heart of it. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or just curious about the buzz, these changes are worth keeping an eye on. Because who knows? The next big housing solution could be right in your backyard.